Research expertise

Listed below are paediatric clinicians working in Auckland which have expressed an interest in providing research mentorship.  Please use their e-mail address as your first point of contact.

Name Institution Other contact information Areas of research expertise
Jane Alsweiler The University of Auckland, Paediatrics Phone +64 9 3797440
x 25367
Fax +64 9 3072804
Mobile +64 21 526363
Neonates; glucose homeostasis, growth
Innes Asher The University of Auckland, Paediatrics   Asthma; respiratory disease; child poverty
Catherine Byrnes The University of Auckland, Paediatrics; Starship Children's Health (ADHB)

Phone +64 9 923 9770
Fax +64 9 3072804
Mobile +64 21 245 9115

Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis, lower respiratory tract infections, prevention of chronic respiratory symptoms, Empyema, Bronchoscopy
Stuart Dalziel ADHB Mobile +64 21 869068 Acute paediatrics; long term effects of treatment; meta-analysis/critical appraisal
Simon Denny The University of Auckland, Paediatrics Mobile +64 21 2388089 Adolescent and young adult health and wellbeing; Survey research; Health services; School-based health services
John Ferguson ADHB   Paediatric Orthopaedics
Arun Gangakhedkar WDHB   General paediatrics, with interest in dermatology
Cameron Grant The University of Auckland; ADHB Mobile +64 21 717127 The Growing Up in New Zealand child cohort study (, The SHIVERS project (,  vitamin D, vaccine preventable disease and immunisation delivery
Rebecca  Hayman CMDHB   Emergency medicine and SUDI; suffocation; cases from the emergency department; subdural haemorrhage in babies with congenital cardiac disease, ethics; SIDS
Natasha Heather ADHB   Works in a newborn screening unit with a wealth of screening projects/audits she could supervise.

Paul Hofman The University of Auckland, Liggins Institute Phone +64 9 9236453
Mobile +64 21 938897
Any paediatric endocrine based research including: Diabetes (all types), obesity, bone disorders, developmental origins of health and disease – including preterm and post term, small for gestational age and large for gestational  age, interventions in mothers, IVF offspring outcome etc.; newborn screening – especially congenital hypothyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia; growth and pubertal disorders
Stephen Howie The University of Auckland, Paediatrics   International child health; child survival; pneumonia; vaccine-preventable diseases
Craig Jefferies ADHB Mobile +64 21 957877 Diabetes; endocrinology; audit; bone 
Tim Jelleyman WDHB, Community Paediatrician, Waitakere Hospital Mobile +64 21 432744 Systematic review; health services research; surveys and currently developing qualitative research methods
Patrick Kelly ADHB Mobile +64 21 402151 Child abuse and neglect
Chris McKinlay The University of Auckland, Liggins Institute Mobile +64 27 4725099 Neonatology; fetal growth; origins of cardiometabolic disease; antenatal steroids; preterm birth outcomes; clinical trials; systematic reviews

David McNamara ADHB   Novel methods to analyse oximetry in children and infants as an outcome measure;
Clinical trial of humidified high flow; Development of a patient satisfaction questionnaires; Exercise testing in children with lung disease; polysomnography, lung function; Qualitative interviewing (grounded theory)
Michael Meyer Middlemore Hospital, Neonatal Unit   Neonatal clinical trials – temperature control and radiant warmers and incubators,  humidity, transition including delayed cord clamping, transitional circulation, functional echocardiography,  nutrition including early protein intake, probiotics, lactoferrin, CPAP, Hiflow nasal cannula, erythropoietin, blood transfusion, oxygen saturation targeting, retinopathy, congenital infection and neonatal immune response to infection

Nikki Mills Starship Children's Hospital   Otitis media, airway, dysphagia, aspiration, breastfeeding, tongue ties, functional anatomy relating to feeding/swallowing; complex upper aerodigestive problems
Arun Nair WDHB Phone +64 7 8398899
Fax +64 7 8398742
Mobile +64 21 2447856
Neonatal Nutrition & Neuroprotection in Newborn
Kahn Preece ADHB Mobile +64 21 542649 Immune effects of vaccination; food allergy; quality of life
Udaya Samarakkody WDHB Phone +64 7 8398716
Fax +64 7 8398765
Mobile +64 21 887673
Clinical research in paediatric surgery; neonatal surgery and paediatric urology; research on clinical/surgical education
Cynthia Sharpe ADHB   Paediatric neurology; neonatal seizures
Mike Shepherd ADHB Mobile +64 21 938437 Injury prevention; quality in acute healthcare; paediatric emergency medicine
Jon Skinner ADHB   Long QT syndrome; sudden death in the young; inherited heart disease; haemodynamics
Susan Stott The University of Auckland, Surgery   Gait
Melissa Wake The University of Auckland, Paediatrics Phone +64 9 923 7690

Allergy, Development, Exercise, Growth, Nutrition, Respiratory, Infant, Obesity, Population Child, Youth; Cardiovascular health, Hearing, Language and literacy, Health services

Nichola Wilson ADHB   Paediatric orthopaedics (trauma, gait, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular conditions)
Nigel Wilson ADHB Mobile +64 21 565508   Rheumatic Fever; Rheumatic heart Disease; Interventional Congenital Cardiac Catheterization
Andrew Wood The University of Auckland; ADHB   Paediatric Haematology-Oncology, molecular medicine