School of Medicine

Teaching in the Department of Ophthalmology - MBChB Year V

Jane McGhee

If you have any questions please email them to the course co-ordinator:

Dr Stuti Misra


A Guide to 5th Year Ophthalmology Teaching During COVID-19:

Tutorial presentations

Download PDFs of the handbook and tutorials as given in the Auckland rotation:

5th Year Handout 2019
(4.2 MB, PDF)
2. Ophthalmoscopy
(2.8 MB, PDF)
4. Pupil Abnormalities
(3.6 MB, PDF)
5. The Acute Red Eye
(7.2 MB, PDF)
8. Uveitis & Floaters
(3.2 MB, PDF)
11. Assessing the Child
(2.1 MB, PDF)
13. Glaucoma
(26.1 MB, PDF)
14. Neuro-ophthalmology
(4.6 MB, PDF)
15. Oculoplastics
(2.9 MB, PDF)
16. Diabetic Eye Disease
(3.1 MB, PDF)

Clinical scenarios - links

Here are a set of Ophthalmology links in the MBChB Portal:

Clinical Scenarios
(52.7 kB, PDF)

Clinical skills videos

These videos demonstrate the variety of skills to be acquired during the Ophthalmology attachment as listed in the expected learning outcomes:

CAL - Computer Assisted Learning

Complete the self-directed ophthalmology Computer Assisted Learning programme - both questions and answers are provided.

"The Eyes Have It"

An interactive teaching program, courtesy of the University of Michigan Kellog Eye Center, about disorders of the eyes and visual system.

In the Instructional Mode, you will see photographs or captioned streaming videos supplemented with text.

In the Quiz Mode, you will have a chance to test your knowledge and be scored.

Visit the University of Michigan Kellog Eye Center