School of Medicine

Teaching in the Department of Ophthalmology - Calvin Ring Prize

Dr Calvin Ring





Each year since 1996 the department has awarded the Calvin Ring Prize to the best undergraduate medical student in Ophthalmology. The annual award was established to encourage interest and awareness of ophthalmology among medical students. Dr Calvin Ring, who died in 1997, taught Auckland ophthalmology undergraduates and postgraduates for thirty years from 1949-1979.

             2019          Shin Jee Tang

             2018          Rebecca Couch

             2017          Lize Angelo

             2016          Charlotte Jordan

             2015          Victoria Utley

             2014          Renne Qin

             2013          Reid Alexander Ferguson

             2012          Michael Plunkett

             2011          Eugene Michael

             2010          Kate Duggan

             2009          Pranali Desai

             2008          Riyaz Bhikoo and Timothy Cutfield

             2007          Divya Perumel

             2006          Kim Williams

             2005          Yun Shan Phua

             2004          William Cunningham

             2003          Shenton Chew

             2002          Timothy Fountaine

             2001          Alex McHaffie

             2000          Katherine Southwell

             1999          Stuart Carroll

             1998          Sarah Mawson and Kathleen Reid

             1997          Sarah Knight-Willis

             1996          Alexandra Wallace