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Cornea and Stem Cells


Professor Trevor Sherwin

Professor Trevor Sherwin

Cornea and stem cell research within the Department of Ophthalmology is led by Professor Trevor Sherwin and his team.

Our research focuses on the use of regenerative medicine in treating eye disorders. Conventional medical practice has aimed at halting the progress of disease within the affected individual, but the patient is often left with some disability due to loss of function caused by the disease process.

Regenerative medicine aims not only to halt the progress of the disease but to restore function back to the affected parts of the eye and thus restore sight.

Stem cell spheres exhibit directed cell migration.


Our research focus centres around several themes:

Stem Cell Research – Our team are using several different types of stem cells, including those obtained from adult eye tissues and cells obtained from umbilical tissue after birth to assess their ability to incorporate into eye tissue and restore functionality.

Cell Reprogramming – Our research is also looking at the ability of essentially turning back the clock on the existing cells from the patient by reprogramming them and restoring functions to the cells that were present during early development.

Bioengineering – Researchers within our team have developed productive collaborations with materials scientists to develop new biological materials which are capable of mimicking the eye tissues that have deteriorated and thus replace them with bionic implants

Corneal Dystrophies – Elucidating the mechanisms behind the pathogenesis of corneal diseases, in particular keratoconus.


Current Team Members

Jane McGhee - Senior Research Technician and Laboratory Manager
Judy Loh - Research Technician and Laboratory Manager
Salim Ismail - Research Technician and Laboratory Manager
Sasheen Dowlath – Research Technician

Judith Glasson - Research Assistant/PhD Candidate
Anannya Parvathi - PhD Candidate
Anmol Sandhu - Masters Candidate
Vicky Wen - Masters Candidate

Issy Cowlishaw - PhD Candidate