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Ocular Therapeutics Conference 2020

Ocular Therapeutics Conference

BOTU Conference 2016
Conference organizers (from left to right): Dr Trevor Gray, Associate Professor Ilva Rupenthal and Professor Charles McGhee

The Ocular Therapeutics Conference is a not-for-profit postgraduate education event brought to the New Zealand eye-care community by the Buchanan Ocular Therapeutics Unit, University of Auckland. It has been designed for optometrists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists and senior optometry & ophthalmology trainees. Topics are delivered in an entertaining 12-minute rapid-fire fashion, along with interactive panel discussions.

The next conference will be held on Sunday 15th March 2020 at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre, 58 Waipuna Road, Mt. Wellington, Auckland.

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Conference Programme

2020 Ocular Therapeutics Conference Programme
2020 Ocular Therapeutics Conference Programme (62.9 kB, PDF)

Previous Presentations List


Session 1 – Drug toxicity and side effects in the eye


How common are ocular side effects of systemic medications?

Charles McGhee

Toxicity of common systemic medications to the cornea and lens

James McKelvie

Retinal toxicity of common systemic medications

Monika Pradhan

Toxicity of common systemic medications to the optic nerve

Taras Papchenko

The diverse tissue side-effects of common glaucoma eye drops

Divya Perumal

Session 2 – Therapeutic controversies: managing myopia


Pharmacological myopia control – PRO atropine

Rasha Altaie

Pharmacological myopia control – CON atropine

John Phillips

Optical myopia control – PRO Ortho-K

Alex Petty

Optical myopia control – CON Ortho-K

Akilesh Gokul

An overview of children’s visual impairment in Aotearoa

Grahame Wilson

Session 3 – A comprehensive approach to glaucoma


Standardised approaches in the analysis of visual fields and OCT

Divya Perumal

Systemic risk factors in glaucoma – key questions to ask     

Helen Danesh-Meyer

The mechanics of glaucoma assessment

Hannah Kersten

Glaucoma management at the coal face

Tony Cradwick

Session 4 – Therapeutic controversies: antibiotics, dietary supplements and pulsed light


Azithromycin and the management of external eye diseases

Trevor Gray

Does doxycycline still have a role in the management of MGD?

Jay Meyer

PRO Omega-3 and other dietary supplements in eye disease

Leo Sheck

CON Omega-3 and other dietary supplements in eye disease

Andrew Thompson

Intense pulsed light therapy for MGD

Jennifer Craig


Session 1 – Prescribing, drug interactions and side effects


Oral medications for ocular conditions 

Jay Meyer

Toxicity of common systemic medications to the eye   

Taras Papchenko

Optometrist prescribing trends in NZ

Nicola Anstice

The Pharmacist’s role in eye care        

Maree Jensen

Session 2 – Therapeutics for posterior segment diseases


Targeting the inflammasome pathway – an oral treatment for AMD and DR

Colin Green

Topical medications for posterior eye diseases 

Narme Deva

Gene therapeutics in the treatment of retinal diseases

Andrea Vincent

Nutrition and supplements for posterior segment diseases       

Emma Sandford

The role of OCT in the management of macular disease: A case-based review

David Squirrell

Session 3 – Anterior segment therapeutics


Surface modification of contact lenses for improved properties

Heather Sheardown

Myopia – Can we control children?

Rasha Altaie

Treating the rising scourge of acanthamoeba keratitis

Dipika Patel

Avoiding and managing corneal transplant rejection

Charles McGhee

Challenging glaucoma cases

Hussain Patel

Session 4 – Dry eye session according to TFOS DEWS II  


Dry eye re-defined and classified

Jennifer Craig

Dry eye diagnostic methods    

Stuti Misra

The role of iatrogenic dry eye in refractive surgery

Trevor Gray

The science behind ocular lubricants

Ilva Rupenthal

Current and future management and therapy of dry eye          

Maria Markoulli


Session 1


Inflammatory eye diseases – understanding cause and effect of common disorders

Rachael Niederer

Drugs used for managing acute anterior uveitis

Narme Deva

Treating & monitoring neovascular AMD – challenges and opportunities for non-ophthalmologists

Olga Brochner

Surgical therapeutics – treatment of eye conditions beyond prescription drugs

Mohammed Ziaei

Remote diagnosis and treatment of vision-threatening disorders – modern telemedicine today

Samantha Simkin

Session 2


Nutrition, supplements and alternative remedies – current research

Simon Dean

Off-label use of drugs for vision-threatening disorders

Andrew Thompson

Cells as therapeutics for vision-threatening disorders

Jie Zhang

How can optometrists stay safe prescribing oral medications?

Trevor Gray

Compounding of eye drops in New Zealand

Derryn Gargiulo

Session 3


Glaucoma drugs - managing the glaucoma patient who does not respond to first line therapy

Hussain Patel

Glaucoma Collaborative Care – advanced therapeutics training with NZNEC

Hannah Kersten

Acute and chronic side effects from glaucoma eye drops

Ainsley Morris

ROCK inhibitors for glaucoma and corneal diseases

Charles McGhee

New drugs and drug delivery devices for glaucoma management

Ilva Rupenthal

Session 4


The latest in dry eye drugs/therapies – DEWS update 2017

Jennifer Craig

Prescribing of topical antibiotics – how to choose, monitor and withdraw?

Jay Meyer

Allergy eye drops and vasoconstrictors: myths and realities

Penny McAllum

Corneal cross-linking in children – a small window of opportunity

Rasha Altaie


Session 1


A brief historical overview of medications and the eye

Ilva Rupenthal

How do topical drop medications actually get into the eye?

Charles McGhee

The role of Oral Rx for MGD and Dry Eye Disease

Trevor Gray

Drops, gels and ointments – why use them and when to use?

Ilva Rupenthal

Secret ingredients you don’t know about – surfactants, buffers, preservatives and the benefits, risks and costs of “preservative free”

Andrew Thompson

Session 2


What it takes to get a drug approved by the US FDA?

Colin Green

Funding of new medicines in New Zealand

Sarah Fitt

Artificial tear supplements

Jennifer P. Craig

Antibiotics overview – spectrum, mechanisms of action, general uses prophylaxis/treatment

Mark Saunders

A systematic approach to antibiotics in conjunctivitis and blepharitis

Penny McAllum

Session 3


Glaucoma drugs overview – spectrum, mechanism of action, general uses

Stephen Best

A systematic approach to therapy in open angle glaucoma

Hussain Patel

Corticosteroids overview

Charles McGhee

A systematic approach to the use of corticosteroids in practice – allergic eye disease, post-op, transplant, uveitis

Sue Ormonde

Session 4


Alternatives to corticosteroids and their uses – mast cell stabilisers, NSAIDS, Cyclosporine

Simon Dean

Low dose atropine for myopia control

Rasha Altaie

How to manage common glaucoma drop side-effects?

Helen Danesh-Meyer

Frontiers of ocular therapeutics – from laboratory bench to clinic

Ilva Rupenthal