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Translational Vision Research in the Department of Ophthalmology

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Translational research takes laboratory-based research and develops it to the stage where it can be utilised in the treatment or assessment of human disease - essentially developing research from laboratory bench to patient bedside. The Translational Vision Research Laboratory is the Department of Ophthalmology's biomedical research laboratory, combining both fundamental research facilities and a laboratory resource for clinical studies. Research in the Translational Vision Research Laboratory is broad, reflecting the depth of the research team, and the clinical science requirements.

If you are interested in volunteering for eye research:

Please email Associate Professor Trevor Sherwin and specify you would like to volunteer for research relating to a specific eye condition. Associate Professor Sherwin will forward your details to the appropriate investigators who will contact you in due course.

The Wendy & Bruce Hadden Chair of Ophthalmology and Translational Vision Research

Established to strengthen laboratory and clinical research activities both inside and outside the Department.

MacKenzie Medal

Awarded since 2009 for "Early Excellence in Eye Research".


Our department contains two main laboratory suites, together with other world-class research facilities.

Research Areas