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Ophthalmology services at Auckland District Health Board

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Clinical ophthalmology services provided by the Auckland District Health Board are primarily based at the Greenlane Clinical Centre. The Clinical Centre provides the majority of outpatient services for the population of central and north Auckland. Ophthalmology at ADHB offers secondary and tertiary services in medical retina, vitreo-retinal surgery, cornea and external disease, oculoplastics, glaucoma, paediatrics, neuro-ophthalmology, strabismus, uveitis and ocular oncology. ADHB also provides a small medical retinal/diabetes service at Waitemata DHB. The Ophthalmology Department, ADHB, also provides acute outpatient and inpatients services 24/7, the only such service remaining in New Zealand. However, a large outpatient and day case surgical facility is also provided at the Manukau Superclinic in South Auckland by Counties Manukau DHB.

Mr David Pendergast, FRANZCO is Chairman of the Ophthalmic Surgeons Committee. A total of twenty-nine Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons (Senior Medical Officers) provide expertise within the public service. Eight specialist registrars are based within the five year ophthalmology vocational training programme.

Five clinical research fellow positions are sponsored by the ADHB. Clinical research fellowships are currently available in the following sub-specialties;

  1. Cornea with Professor Charles McGhee, Mr David Pendergast, Dr Sue Ormonde & Mr Trevor Gray.
  2. Oculo-plastics with Mr Paul Rosser, Mr Brian Sloan & Mr Richard Hart.
  3. Medical retina with Mr Mark Donaldson, Dr Diane Sharp, Dr Tahira Malik, Mr Andrew Riley, Dr Rachel Barnes, Mr David Squirrell & Mr Shanu Subbiah.
  4. Surgical retina with Mr Philip Polkinghorne, Mr Peter Hadden, Mr McCormack & Dr Sarah Welch.
  5. Paediatrics with Mr Justin Mora, Mr Shaun Dai, Dr Yvonne Ng, Dr Andrea Vincent & Mr Stuart Carroll.

These positions are generally of one year’s duration, with 7 assigned clinical sessions and 3 research sessions allocated per week. There is also an opportunity to undertake an MD or begin working on a PhD during the fellowship.

Clinically qualified members of the University of Auckland Department of Ophthalmology staff, including appropriately medically qualified Fellows, all provide clinical sessions to Auckland Healthcare and Dr Sarah Welch is the Clinical Director of the Ophthalmology Service.

University staff:

Prof. Charles McGhee

Cornea / cataract / external eye disease

Prof. Helen Danesh-Meyer

Glaucoma / neuro-ophthalmology

Dr Sue Ormonde

Cornea / external / refractive surgery

Dr Dipika Patel

Cornea / external eye disease

Dr Andrea Vincent

Paediatrics / ocular genetics

Dr Hussain Patel


Dr Rasha Al Taie

Paediatrics / cornea

Honorary University appointments:

Associate Professor Philip Polkinghorne


Dr Sarah Welch


Dr Peter Hadden

Vitreo-retina and ocular oncology

Dr Rachel Barnes

Medical retina

Dr Tahira Malik

Medical retina

Dr Alison Pereira

Medical retina

Dr Andrew Riley

Comprehensive general ophthalmology

Dr Diane Sharpe

Medical retina

Dr David Murdoch

Comprehensive ophthalmology

Dr Sonya Bennet


Dr Jo Koppens


Dr Mark Donaldson

Glaucoma and medical retina

Dr Jo Sims

Glaucoma and medical retina

Dr Stephen Best

Glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology

Dr Ian Elliot

Adult strabismus and neuro-ophthalmology

Dr Trevor Gray

Cornea / external / refractive surgery / uveitis

Dr David Pendergrast

Cornea / external / refractive surgery

Dr Paul Rosser


Dr Brian Sloan


Dr Richard Hart


Dr Shaun Dai

Paediatrics and neuro-ophthalmology

Dr Justin Mora

Paediatrics and glaucoma

Dr Yvonne Ng

Paediatrics and ocular oncology

Dr Stuart Carroll


Dr Shanu Subbiah

Medical retina

Dr David Squirrell

Medical retina