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Ophthalmology team wins SPARK* Ideas Challenge

SPARK* Ideas Challenge

A team from Ophthalmology (Ally Chang, Dasha Nelidova, Jane McGhee, Trevor Sherwin and Colin Green) submitted an entry for the University Entrepreneurship SPARK* Ideas Challenge under the team name CERPIS (CEllular Reprogramming In Situ). CERPIS is the first in the world to our knowledge to reprogramme cells in situ without genetic modification or the need to extract cells, revert them to stem-like or pluripotent form, reimplant them. CERPIS has been able to turn what appears to be the entire stromal keratocyte population into neurons in situ and are working with UniServices to patent protect and devise applications. View more on University Entrepreneurship SPARK* Ideas Challenge

SPARK* had 375 entries this year with 10 prizes for social ideas (but no commercial value) and 10 prizes for commercially viable ideas. In addition, Chiasma, the biomedical sciences entrepreneurship challenge awarded a single prize for best biotechnology idea. CERPIS won both a SPARK* Ideas Challenge Award and the Chiasma Award. This is the fourth time Ophthalmology has won prizes in these awards, which reflects the translational research emphasis and unique ideas coming from the department.

21 May 2009