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New Zealand Science and Technology Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dr Ilva Rupenthal

Dr Ilva Rupenthal received the NZ Science and Technology Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Foundation for Research Science and Technology recently, with a total budget of $271,500. The fellowship is for 3 years and covers her salary as well as consumables and conference travel. Ilva aims to develop an ophthalmic pharmaceutics nucleus within the Department of Ophthalmology and the NZ-NEC that addresses challenges associated with the delivery drugs to the ocular tissues. She will work alongside clinician-researchers and develop tailored delivery systems for site-specific application of the investigated drug molecules. This will help to translate cutting-edge research into clinical application. Initial projects include the development of an eye drop for antioxidant delivery to the lens, which will be done in collaboration with Professor Paul Donaldson and Dr Julie Lim, as well as a controlled delivery system for connexin 43 antisense oligonucleotides and mimetic peptides for the treatment of AMD and optic neuropathy with Professors Helen Danesh-Meyer and Colin Green.

Ilva will start her fellowship in October.

30 June 2010