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2012 Excellence in Ophthalmology and Vision Research Prize Evening

The Ophthalmology Department hosted its inaugural “Excellence in Ophthalmology and Vision Research Prize Evening” on Wednesday Wednesday, 28th March 2012 in the Fisher and Paykel Clinical Education Centre at the Auckland City Hospital. This is the first time the department has amalgamated all its undergraduate, postgraduate and summer studentship awards into one prize ceremony. Presentations were made to recipients of the Eye Institute Summer Studentship, Tom Cat Trust Summer Studentship, Glaucoma NZ Summer Studentship, William MacKenzie Medal and the Arthur Thomas Paterson Postgraduate Scholarship for overseas fellowship study. Dr Peter Ring awarded the Calvin Ring Medal for the best undergraduate medical student in clinical ophthalmology to Eugene Michael.

During the evening, Professor Charles McGhee gave an outline of the department’s annual activities and the progress made in the last 12 years. PhD student Charlotte Jordan gave a presentation on her PhD research topic to highlight one aspect of postgraduate research occurring in the department. The evening was well-attended by ophthalmologists, staff, students and the family members of the prize winners.

Dr Harold Coop, the artist who produced the stunning stained glass work now residing in Cafe 85, presented a drawing by the legendary Terry Tarrant to the department. Terry Tarrant is widely regarded as the greatest ophthalmic artist in the world, the now 82-year-old fashioning this reputation over a lifetime of work as an illustrator for the Institute of Ophthalmology in London where all his work was done strictly by observation and his works completed in watercolour.


Prizes were awarded to:


Calvin Ring Award for Ophthalmology: Eugene Michael
William MacKenzie Medal for 2010: Dr Serena Park
Arthur Thomas Paterson Scholarship: Dr Judy Ku
Dr Stuart Carroll
Eye Institute Summer Studentship Award: Michael Plunket
Tom Cat Summer Studentship Award: Reid Ferguson
Glaucoma New Zealand Summer Studentship Award: Peny Lin

28 March 2012