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Antiphospholipid antibodies

These autoantibodies seem to attack the placenta to cause diseases of pregnancy such as recurrent miscarriages, still births and pre-eclampsia. Exactly how these antibodies damage the placenta is not yet clear. Antiphospholipid antibodies are also associated with infertility. We have developed a set of monoclonal antiphospholipid antibodies that allow us and our collaborators to investigate the mechanisms of action of these antibodies. Current collaborators on this work include Dr V Abrahams (dept Obstetrics and Gynaecology Yale University, USA).

Current investigations include:

  1. Do antiphospholipid antibodies cause trophoblast death by apoptosis or necrosis?
  2. Do antiphospholipid antibodies interfere in the process of phagocytosis of dead trophoblasts?

Funding for this work was provided by:

  • The Auckland Medical Research Foundation
  • The New Zealand Lotteries Board (Health)
  • The University of Auckland Staff Research Fund
  • The Auckland Medical Aid Trust.