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Researcher Introduction


Professor Cindy Farquhar is the Post Graduate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Auckland. Her mother was a medical graduate in 1951.


Dr Nora Lynch is a rheumatologist, retired from clinical practice. She is a current student in history at the University of Auckland. Her grandmother was a medical graduate in 1917.

Dr Claire Gooder is a social and cultural historian who specialises in health history.

Our Research

We are undertaking historical research on early women medical graduates from Otago Medical School 1896–1967.

We are conducting this research to gather stories about these important contributors to New Zealand’s history.

Our aim is to create a website of biographies about these remarkable women. We hope that these stories of pioneering women medical graduates will inspire current medical students and graduates, and will contribute to New Zealand’s cultural and social history.

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