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                                                                                                                                            [R] = Review

                                                                                                                                            [P] = Protocol

Prevention and treatment of short-term problems

Medical treatments:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antifibrinolytics
  • Antihypertensives
  • Clonidine
  • Hormone replacement therapy
    [R] Bioidentical hormones for women with hot flushes
    [R] Local oestrogen for vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women
    [R] Oestrogen and progestogen hormone replacement therapy for peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women: weight and body fat distribution
    [R] Hormone therapy in postmenopausal women and risk of endometrial hyperplasia
    [R] Oral oestrogen and combined oestrogen/progestogen therapy versus placebo for hot flushes
  • Naloxone
  • Oral contraceptive pill
  • Essential fatty acids (eg, evening primrose oil)
  • Other hormones
    [P] Dehydroepiandrosterone for postmenopausal women
    [R] Testosterone for peri- and postmenopausal women
  • Non-hormonal therapy
    [P] Non-hormonal therapy for hot flushes in postmenopausal women

Psychological interventions

[R] Exercise for vasomotor menopausal symptoms


  • Phytoestrogens
    [R] Phytoestrogens for menopausal symptoms

Alternative therapies

  • Chinese herbs
    [R] Chinese herbal medicine for menopausal symptoms 
  • Acupuncture
    [R] Acupuncture for menopausal hot flushes

Prevention and treatment of medium term problems

Medical treatments

  • Hormone replacement therapy
    [R] Progestogens for hot flushes
    [R] Relaxation for perimenopausal and postmenopausal symptoms

Prevention and treatment of long term problems

[P] Decision aids for management of menopausal symptoms
[R] Hormone therapy for endometriosis and surgical menopause
[R] Hormone therapy for sexual function in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women
[R] Hormone therapy in women with premature ovarian failure
[R] Long term hormone therapy for perimenopausal and postmenopausal women
[R] Short and long term effects of tibolone in postmenopausal women