Waikato Clinical Campus

Postgraduate nursing education


The University of Auckland offers a number of courses in postgraduate nursing from the Waikato Clinical Campus/Bryant Education Centre site. The papers offered make up a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences in Advanced Nursing (PGCertHSc in Advanced Nursing) or Postgraduate Certificate in Health Sciences (PGCertHSc).

Traditionally, the papers offered have been health assessment and diagnostic decision making and evidence based nursing, but also offered are primary health care papers and chronic care management papers. Auckland University also offers a postgraduate diploma in rural health nursing which runs from the Waikato Clinical Campus. Please download the PDF from the School of Nursing for more information about the structure of this programme.

For more information and a list of all courses run in the Waikato region, please visit the School of Nursing.

Masters thesis and dissertations can also be supervised from the Waikato Clinical Campus/Bryant Education Centre site.

The University has a strong emphasis upon nurse practitioner educational pathways and educational advice, mentorship and supervision information is available from this site.

For further information about nurse practitioner educational pathways in nursing and postgraduate nursing education in the Waikato region, please contact Kathy Shaw who is employed in a joint role with the University of Auckland and the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health.