Waikato Clinical Campus



The research interests of the Department of Medicine at the Waikato Clinical Campus include Cardiology, Endocrinology, Dermatology and Rheumatology & Oncology. Key academic staff include the Head of Research for the School, Assoc Prof John Conaglen (Endocrinology and Sexual Dysfunction research), Dr Marianne Elston (Endocrinology), Assoc Prof Gerry Devlin (Cardiology), Assoc Prof Amanda Oakley (Dermatology), Dr Jade Tamatea (Research Fellow in Endocrinology), Dr Michael Jameson (Oncology) and Dr Douglas White (Rheumatology). The Department of Medicine has strong links with AgResearch, Ruakura, and the University of Waikato and has published a number of papers in conjunction with their researchers.

The group is under the aegis of the University of Auckland's Department of Medicine.