Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences pursue a programme of advanced study and research lasting the equivalent of three to four years full-time. At the end of the degree the candidates' research will have typically advanced knowledge through the discovery of new information or the development of further understanding of existing information.

Completing this degree enables candidates to provide leadership in their communities through their advancement and dissemination of knowledge as well as enabling them to design, conduct and lead independent research. Reports show that although many PhD graduates continue to work in universities, about 60% of PhD graduates become valued employees of industry, government and non-government organisations.


A candidate for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is required to have been awarded a masters or bachelors degree with first class or second class (division one) honours at the University of Auckland, or a degree that the University of Auckland considers to be equivalent. The candidate should have demonstrated an ability to pursue doctoral level research.

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