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Breast reconstruction after radiotherapy less risky without implants

23 February 2018

New research has found women who use their own tissue in breast reconstruction have fewer post-op complications than women who receive implants. Read more about Dr Michelle Locke’s research.


New appointment for Dr Alec Ekeroma

February 2018

Congratulations to Dr Alec Ekeroma who was recently appointed by the University of Auckland as Associate Professor in Clinical Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Read more.


New development in Samoan medical sector

11 December 2017

A private health specialist centre in Moto’otua, Samoa will open its doors in early 2018 under the patronage of Dr Alec Ekeroma. Dr Ekeroma saw a need to develop a health specialist service that was sustainable so he set about creating a social enterprise based on a unique model that would provide Samoans with access to specialist services. Read more in the Samoa Observer.


Health Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowships awarded

November 2017

Congratulations to Dr Ahmed Barazanchi and Dr Wiremu MacFater who were recipients of Health Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowships.    

Dr Barazanchi’s multicentre prospective cohort study aims to develop a reliable and easy-to-use risk prediction tool for emergency laparotomy. Read more.

Dr MacFater’s randomised clinical trial aims to optimise post-operative pain and functional recovery after major abdominal surgery. The analgesic benefit of intra-abdominal local anaesthetic will be compared to intravenous local anaesthetic. Read more.


Dr Ekeroma announced as new Editor in Chief for Pacific Health Dialog

20 August 2017

Senior Lecturer, Dr Ekeroma will take on the new role as Editor in Chief for Pacific Health Dialog. This is a medical and public health journal published specifically for Pacific Island countries. Read more about his new role on the Pasifika Medical Association website.


Professor Hill new president of International Society of Surgery

17 August 2017

At the 47th World Congress of Surgery in Basel, Switzerland (August 2017) Professor Hill addressed the assembly as the new president of the International Society of Surgery / Société Internationale de Chirurgie (ISS/SIC) and 2019 World Congresss of Surgery.

The ISS/SIC is considered one of the most distinguished and prestigious international surgical societies in the world. It represents six collective member societies and surgeons from more than 100 countries. Its goal is to work for international teaching in surgery, both specialized and general surgery, in developed and developing countries. The official journal of ISS/SIC is the World Journal of Surgery and it holds the World Congress of Surgery every two years.


Perioperative care and enhanced recovery after surgery

July 2017

A discussion between Professor Andrew Hill (Head of South Auckland Clinical Campus and Colorectal Surgeon) and Dr Nick Lightfoot (Anaesthetist, Middlemore Hospital) about perioperative care and enhanced recovery after surgery. View the podcast on the Research Review website.


Bariatric Surgery Registry launches in New Zealand

20 July 2017

New Zealand’s first Bariatric Surgery Registry launches nation-wide this week, an initiative that will allow surgeons to accurately compare outcomes for patients who have undergone an operation for obesity across public and private hospitals in New Zealand and Australia. Dr Andrew MacCormick, a general and bariatric surgeon at Counties Manukau Health and Senior Lecturer at the South Auckland Clinical Campus, said that the Bariatric Surgery Registry would be a powerful tool for improving clinical quality and patient safety. Read more.


Dr Okesene-Gafa elected as vice president of Pacific Society for Reproductive Health

20 July 2017

Dr Kara Okesene-Gafa, senior lecturer at the South Auckland Clinical Campus and obstetrician-gynaecologist at Middlemore Hospital was elected as vice president of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health. The Society is a non-governmental organisation which encourages the professional development of reproductive and neonatal health care workers across Pacific Island countries.


Health Research Council project grants awarded

July 2017

Professor Andrew Hill (Principal Investigator), Mr Ashish Taneja (Consultant, ADHB) and Dr Ahmed Barazanchi (PhD Candidate) were awarded a Health Research Council project grant in the latest funding round for the study, development and application of a risk prediction tool for emergency laparotomy. Read more about the study.

Associate Professor Tim Kenealy is part of a team of researchers awarded a Health Research Council Pacific project grant that will look at how to help practitioners and planners more deeply understand how Pacific individuals and families relate to our health system. Read more about the study


iCOACH: Implementing integrated care for older adults with complex health needs

27 June 2017

Associate Professor Kenealy is part of a large international research team collaborating to complete nine interdisciplinary case studies focused on the implementation of integrated community based primary health care (CBPHC). Exemplary cases of organisations that have successfully integrated CBPHC from Ontario, Quebec and New Zealand were studied using a mixed-method case study approach focusing on four analytic levels: patient/carer, health care providers, organisations and policies. Read the collection of published articles in the International Journal of Integrated Care.


Getting back to grassroots healthcare in South Auckland

9 June 2017

Professor Rea was interviewed by Newsroom about an integrated care pilot project at Counties Manukau Health involving patients with long-term conditions. GPs, district health nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, mental health workers, pharmacies and home support workers work together to coordinate care and treatment of patients enrolled in the programme. Read more.


'If it works it will be massive' - drones to carry vital vaccines in Pacific in ground-breaking trial

17 March 2017

In what's believed to be a world-first, drones are to be trialled to carry vaccines to remote communities in the Pacific. Unicef is working with the Vanuatu Government on the ground-breaking project in the hope it will save lives. Senior Lecturer, Dr Alec Ekeroma was interviewed by TVNZ 1NEWS Pacific Correspondence about the ground-breaking trial that could also work in other Pacific countries. View TVNZ 1NEWS.



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