School of Medical Sciences

MEDSCI 204 assessment

Mid-semester test

  • Lecture and lab content
  • Multiple choice
  • 50 minute duration
  • 10% of final mark 

The mid-semester multiple choice question (MCQ) test will cover all material (labs and lectures) covered in the first half of the semester. The focus will be on lecture material, rather than labs.

Drug review assignment

  • Research-based assignment
  • 3000 words
  • 20% of final mark

A drug research assignment on one of six drug topics. You will be expected to write a review (3000 words) on one of 6 subjects from the assignment list on the website. The review topics, guidelines, and helpful hints are also listed on the linked document. The assignments will be marked by peer assessment to gauge your ability to research a pharmacological topic of current interest and present your findings in a clear, concise and informative fashion according to instructions.

Essays are to be submitted as electronic documents using an online submission process via AROPA (full details on the assignment page): We will remove 10% of your potential grade per day that the essay is overdue. Electronic versions of the assignments must also be submitted at the same time to according to instructions on the assignment page.


Assignment page

Lab test

  • Lab content
  • Multiple choice
  • 50 minute duration
  • 20% of final mark

The lab test will cover all computer lab material. The focus is on the labs themselves but will draw on knowledge from lectures.

Final examination

  • Lecture and lab content
  • Multiple choice and short answers
  • Two hour duration
  • 50% of final mark

The final examination will cover all material presented in this paper (including the labs but mostly lecture-based). It will consist of both a multichoice and short answer section (1 hour each, equal marks weighting).

Past papers

Important: The course changes from year to year. Some questions from previous years may not be relevant this year. It is our policy that answers to past questions will not be posted or widely distributed.

You can download tests and examinations from previous years below:

Mid-semester test 2008
(320.6 kB, PDF)
Mid-semester test 2009
(202.8 kB, PDF)
Lab test 2008
(902.0 kB, PDF)
Lab test 2009
(141.4 kB, PDF)
Final exam 2008
(1.2 MB, PDF)
Final exam 2006
(142.8 kB, PDF)
Final exam 2007
(1.0 MB, PDF)