Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

MEDSCI 142: Biology for Biomedical Science: Organ Systems

Welcome to MEDSCI 142 - Biology for Biomedical Science: Organ Systems. This course is co-ordinated by Angela Tsai and Peter Riordan in the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Detailed Course Outline
(313.9 kB, PDF)


Course guide

The MEDSCI 142 course guide contains all lecture and laboratory notes required for this course. Course guides will be available for collection during the week prior to the commencement of the second semester (tentatively Wed 19, Thur 20 and Fri 21 July 2017). Information about collecting guides will be e-mailed to enrolled students at this time.

Students wishing to do some pre-reading are welcome to access the 2016 course guide from the Philson Library (Grafton Campus); multiple copies are available on Short Loan (2 hours).


Tortora & Derrickson “Principles of Anatomy and Physiology” (13th or 14th editions)

Lecturers assume that every student has access to a copy of the text, but you don't have to buy your own copy. We recommend that you borrow a copy from the University’s many libraries and see first-hand if you find it useful before making your decision.

The print text is available from bookshops for about $230 NZD. The e-text is available here for $60 AUS: http://www.wileydirect.com.au/buy/principles-of-anatomy-and-physiology-14th-edition/ 

This is an excellent textbook. It will be valuable in later years if you intend to continue with biomedical courses. Older editions may be bought second-hand and will be quite satisfactory, but page references given during lectures will refer to the current edition.

For lecture topics which are well-covered in the text, only brief notes and diagrams will be provided in this Course Guide. The lecturer will probably use images of textbook diagrams, and will refer to specific passages in the book which all are examinable. Information in the text and course guide will not be duplicated on Canvas (the University's Learning Management System).


2017 assessment dates

Students are expected to be available to present themselves for in-course assessments during the academic semester. See here for academic dates.

Test 1: Monday 18 September, evening (usually 6:30-8:30pm), City Campus (room allocations TBA)

Test 2: Friday 27 October, evening (usually 6-8pm), City Campus (room allocations TBA)

Please email Angela Tsai if you have any questions / concerns regarding your ability to attend these assessments

Final exam: Final exam dates are determined by the Examinations Office, not by courses. Students must be available for the entire exam period for any semester in which they are enrolled. You should not book any travel during the exam period until after your finalised timetable is published. Examination dates are usually announced by the Examinations Office in week 6 of each semester, but are not finalised until they are officially published on Student Services Online.