School of Medical Sciences

Research in the Department of Physiology

Physiology is a research-based science which "depends on the acquisition of knowledge by observation and controlled, properly designed experiments, and the subsequent valid interpretation of experimental observations." We employ state of the art methods and staff are regularly invited to international symposia to present their research work to expert audiences.

All research in the Department of Physiology is directed towards understanding fundamental mechanisms directly relevant to human and animal medicine, and receives funding from a number of external bodies.


Research Groups

Principal Investigator/s

Auditory neurobiology

Assoc Prof Srdjan Vlajkovic / Professor Peter Thorne

Cardiac structure and function

Assoc Prof Ian LeGrice / Professor Bruce Smaill

Circulatory control

Professor Simon Malpas / Dr Carolyn Barrett

Molecular neuroendocrinology

Assoc Prof Kathy Mountjoy

Molecular neurophysiology

Professor Janusz Lipski

Molecular vision lab

Professor Paul Donaldson

Muscle energetics

Assoc Prof Denis Loiselle

Synaptic function

Assoc Prof Johanna Montgomery

Muscle cell function research

Dr Marie Ward

Cellular and molecular cardiology

Dr Kim Mellor

Central control of cardiovascular physiology

Dr Rohit Ramchandra

Fetal physiology and neuroscience

Professor Alistair Gunn / Professor Laura Bennet

Developmental brain injury and glial cell biology

Dr Justin Dean

  Dr David Crossman


Research opportunities for students:

Opportunities for undertaking research in physiology are available at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with work from such projects contributing to publications in international journals. Some research opportunities for students are listed below:

·       Summer studentships

·       Honours research projects 

·       Masters and PhD research projects