Undergraduate study

Physiology Undergraduate Study

The department of physiology contributes to a number of programmes, providing the opportunity to study a wide range of physiology courses.  Topics covered range from the physiology of human organ systems to cardiovascular biology, sensory neuroscience, and many more.


Bachelor of Science (Physiology)

For students interested in the functioning of the body, a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology allows the study of a wide selection of physiology courses. 

Physiology courses are also available to students in other programmes such as the Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) [link 2] programme.


Undergraduate physiology courses

Courses run by the Department of Physiology:

·       Medsci 205 – The Physiology of Human Organ Systems 

·       Medsci 206 – Principles of Neuroscience 

·       Medsci 311 – Cardiovascular Biology 

·       Medsci 309 – Biophysics of Nerve and Muscle

·       Medsci 312 – Endocrinology of Growth and Metabolism 

·       Medsci 316 – Sensory Neuroscience: From Molecules to Disease 

·       Medsci 317 – Integrative Neuroscience: From Fetus to Adul


Further information can be found in the Physiology Handbook .


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