Postgraduate study

Postgraduate study in the Department of Physiology

Postgraduate study in Physiology involves both postgraduate level course work and research projects. Opportunities for undertaking research in physiology are available at both the undergraduate (summer studentships) and postgraduate levels. All research in the department is directed towards understanding fundamental mechanisms directly relevant to human and animal medicine addressing current unsolved problems, and is expected to contribute to publications in international journals of high quality.



Postgraduate research opportunities

Potential supervisors and general information on the type of research project areas available for various stages of postgraduate study:

·       Honours research projects

·       Masters and PhD research projects (FindaThesis)

Alternatively, you can browse our research  section to find potential research areas that interest you.

Please contact the potential supervisor directly with your enquiries, or for further information contact the graduate student co-ordinators.



For more information on postgraduate programme please contact: