School of Medical Sciences

Public health nutrition

Principal investigator


Poor diet and obesity are leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. Our Nutrition Research Programme targets important determinants of these conditions, and focuses on policy and practice-relevant interventions to inform national and international efforts to improve eating habits and prevent obesity. Key areas of research include food pricing, nutrition labelling, portion sizes, household food security, and processed food (re)formulation.

Specific Projects

  • A stepped wedge cluster randomised trial evaluating the effects of a free school breakfast on children’s school attendance, academic achievement, behaviour, and short-term hunger
  • A simulation modelling project to quantify the effects of a range of targeted food taxes and subsidies on New Zealand population diet, health, and burden of disease
  • A randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of an intervention to reduce screen-based sedentary behaviour on body composition, sedentary behaviour, physical activity and nutrition in children

Selected References

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