School of Medical Sciences

Cardiovascular diseases/diabetes

Principal investigators


We are interested in the general area of how nutrition (and physical activity) affects the health of people in the community. Some of the current projects are listed below.

  • Pilot study to conduct the Ministry of Health's child national nutrition survey
  • Lifestyle causes of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • Environmental determinants of obesity
  • Adolescent nutrition and cardiovascular risk
  • Iron deficiency in adolescents
  • Nutrition and growth in infants

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Past diet and new cases of CHD morbidity in middle-aged people.

Description: a self-administered 142-item food frequency questionnaire was used to calculate nutrient intakes in 5,622 workers aged 40 years and over from a cross-sectional survey carried out between 1988 and 1990. New cases of CHD morbidity in these people has been obtained from the NZ Health Information Service. The aim is to compare diet intakes in those with new cases of CHD morbidity with those people without such a history.

Ethnic differences in dietary nutrient intakes.

Description: Dietary nutrient intakes derived from a food frequency questionnaire in 4127 middle-aged men and women were collected between 1995 and 1997. The aim is to compare nutrient intakes of Māori, Pacific, and others.

Have dietary habits changed between 1988-1990 and 1995-1997?

Description: The same food frequency questionnaire was answered by 4,127 participants and dietary nutrient intakes were calculated using the same nutrient database. The aim is to examine changes in diet between these two time periods.

Selected references

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