School of Medical Sciences


Principal investigator

Current members of the rheumatology research group core:

Nicola Dalbeth, Anthony Doyle, Quentin Reeves, Elizabeth Robinson, Fiona McQueen en

Research Fellows: Ravi Suppiah, Angela Crowley
Research Nurses:  Megan Williams, Maria Lobo
Technicians:        Bregina Poole
Students:           Arista Chand, Jing Dong

Rheumatology research output

We have an extremely active rheumatology research unit at present. Projects can be categorised as follows:

The Auckland Rheumatology Imaging Group (ARIG)

is a collaboration between academic rheumatologists and radiologists within the Auckland region. This group first achieved recognition through a cohort study investigating rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients from 1996 to 2003. Findings from that study were pivotal in defining MRI features as imaging biomarkers. Members of ARIG continue to collaborate with members of the Outcome Measures in Rheumatology Clinical Trials (OMERACT) group. Currently these include the "MRI in inflammatory arthritis" initiative and the "Imaging In Gout" group. A new group is being formed currently to investigate MRI changes in the cervical spine in rheumatoid arthritis – to present to OMERACT 10 in Borneo (May 2010). The MRI imaging group initially took on the challenge of developing a scoring system to measure the impact of joint disease in RA. The now widely accepted RA MRI scoring system (RAMRIS) was developed with publication of a reference atlas. More recently this work has extended to developing a Psoriatic Arthritis MRI scoring system (PsAMRIS) and examining the role of extremity MRI.

Bone histology

A productive collaboration with members of the Auckland Bone Group has also allowed us to explore the histopathological basis of MRI bone oedema and erosion in RA. Studies have also recently been published investigating tophus histology in gout.


This is being explored via imaging and bone histology studies. Over the past two years the Auckland group has become recognised as a world leader in gout research under the direction of Dr Nicola Dalbeth. Collaborations continue with OMERACT in terms of imaging and clinical gout research projects. There are also important collaborations with podiatry (see below). A large HRC funded project is now underway investigating the effects of zoledronic acid in preventing erosion in patients with gout (Dr Dalbeth, Novartis, Auckland Bone group). There are also collaborations with Fonterra (urate and milk study) (Dr Dalbeth).

Other clinical projects

Other projects broadly encompass themes of inflammatory arthritis, lupus and medical education. Collaboration continues within the OMERACT framework for the wider gout research agenda which includes exploring clinical outcome measures (for use in clinical trials).

The following are primarily imaging projects:

  • Developing a Cartilage Scoring System for RA Using 3T MRI Scanning (ARIG)
  • Quantifying Synovitis in Rheumatoid Arthritis using 3T MRI Scanning (ARIG)
  • 3T MRI to assess bone oedema and erosions in early rheumatoid arthritis: RAMRIS scores vs segmentation (ARIG)
  • Imaging in gout: MRI, multidetector CT, high resolution ultrasound and radiology (ARIG)
  • Reader Reliability of the OMERACT Psoriatic Arthritis Magnetic Resonance Score - Results From An OMERACT Workshop (OMERACT MRI Imaging Group)
  • Wrist MRI After 2 Years Treatment of Early Aggressive RA (FM/UCLA collaboration; TEAR study)
  • MRI bone oedema in the rheumatoid cervical spine (ARIG/collaboration with Prof Jurgen Braun, Berlin
  • Zoledronic acid in psoriatic arthritis (ZAPA): imaging follow-up response using MRI (ARIG)

The following are gout projects:

  • The Acute Effect of Skim Milk On Serum Urate Concentrations: A Randomized Controlled Cross-Over Trial (Auckland Bone group, Dr Dalbeth)
  • Cellular Characterization of the Gouty Tophus: a Quantitative Analysis (Collaboration with Auckland Bone Group)
  • Impact of Chronic Gout On Foot Function: Case-Control Study (collaboration with Dr Dalbeth and Prof Keith Rome, Podiatry AUT)
  • Illness Perception in Patients with Gout (collaboration with NZ gout group, Universities of Auckland and Otago – Wellington Clinical School)
  • ACR / EULAR Gout Response Criteria Survey (Assoc Prof Will Taylor, Wellington Clinical School, Prof Ralph Schumacher)

Clinical/ immunology rheumatology research projects include:

  • Circulating microRNAs in Crohn’s disease: can they provide insights into disease pathogenesis and might they have diagnostic utility?” Dr Geoff Krissansen (Dept MMP University of Auckland)
  • Medication adherence in SLE patients. Dr Elizabeth Broadbent and Gabrielle Daleboudt (Dept Psychology University of Auckland)
  • Basing musculoskeletal curriculum changes on the opinions of practicing physicians (FM, Phillippa Poole)

Recent relevant publications

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