School of Medical Sciences

Immunocompromised hosts

Principal investigator


We have focused on the clinical and therapeutic aspects of infections occurring in the immunocompromised host, particularly those patients with HIV infection. The research is predominantly based in the clinic, including participation in multicentre studies, but a number of local trials have been established, as well as collaboration with more laboratory-centred research groups.

Investigation of the characteristics of disease in HIV-infected persons

The clinical presentation, results of investigation and responses to treatment of HIV-infected patients with a variety of clinical problems have been investigated. We have contributed to a number of international collaborations investigating antiretroviral treatment including the DELTA, OZCOMBO, CREST, INITIO and SECONDLINE studies. We have also collaborated with local investigators in studies of bone mineral density in HIV-infected patients. We have reported excellent results with a relatively low-dose TMP-SMX treatment of PJP in HIV-infected patients. We have studied a number of health psychology issues related to HIV infection including treatment adherence and the psychological effects of lipodystrophy.

Investigation of the characteristics of a variety of other infections

The clinical presentation, results of investigation and responses to treatment of miscellaneous infectious diseases have been studied. We have focused on infections involving the CNS and on infections due to N. meningitidis or S. aureus. We have published on: treatment of meningococcal disease with IV benzyl penicillin given for 3 days; S.aureus bacteraemia in hospitalised patients in Auckland; S. aureus meningitis; bacterial meningitis following neurosurgical procedures; P. acnes post-neurosurgical infections and tuberculous meningitis.

Infections in the immunocompromised host

We are interested in the diagnosis and management of infection in non-HIV infected immunocompromised patients, including fungal infections in haematology-oncology patients, therapy of neutropenic fever and opportunistic infections in patients following liver, bone marrow or renal transplantation.

Antimicrobial stewardship and relationship to antimicrobial resistance

We are investigating the level of consumption of antimicrobial agents in community and hospital care in New Zealand to develop instruments to foster prudent use of antimicrobials to delay the spread of antimicrobial resistance.

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