Biomedical Imaging Research Unit

BIRU Seminar - Friday 20 October - 3pm - 4pm

13 October 2017



    Cell biology is fast moving from a qualitative science of single representative images to a quantitative science of multi-parametric analysis, graphs and statistics. Good image acquisition and proper robust analysis is crucial to transition. Moreover, there is a lot of information hidden in the images that tends to get overlooked with cursory analysis. Image analysis can tell you if there is a linear, non-linear or inverse correlation between the expression of two proteins quantified over thousands of individual cells. It can give you a score on how clustered or dispersed your cells are in colonies. It can count various cell profiles with various different markers and use that information to highlight changes in cell profiles over time or with different treatments. It can quantify the translocation of proteins from one subcellular location to another.


This seminar will discuss the optimal imaging parameters required to obtain an appropriate data set for such types of analyses. It will go through the important considerations for robust image analysis. It will also cover strategies using morphological filters and Boolean logic for accurate object segmentation. Finally it will cover the use of creative and detailed imaging workflows and some tips and tricks to try and help you answer deeper questions about the underlying biology.


    The seminar will focus on analysis and quantitation with the ImageXpress (IXM) high content imaging system, MetaXpress software and its analysis modules. It will also explain how the powerful custom module editor within MetaXpress can help you to design complex highly detailed workflows for your analysis. While it is focused on the MetaXpress software, the ‘analysis logic’ described here is applicable to other software packages.


About the Speaker

Dr Praju Vikas Anekal obtained his PhD in Singapore in 2009. His doctoral and postdoctoral work was on the actin cytoskeleton and cell-cell/cell-matrix contacts and their impact on cell shape and cell migration. This research relied heavily on image analysis. He joined the BIRU in 2016 and is in charge of the IXM high content imaging system and MetaXpress. He also assists with the MALDI imaging mass spectrometer and the VSlide slide scanner. He is involved in developing image analysis workflows and macros and would be happy to help any users with their analysis needs.