Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre

Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre graduate students

Name Degree Email

Archana Arya-Ram


Project title: Exploring the structural determinants for phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-related kinase (PIKK) activity

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Michael Hay and Dr Lydia Liew

Chantal Buckley


Project title: Studies on a hypoxia-activated prodrug of a DNA-dependent protein kinase inhibitor

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Michael Hay and Dr Rosanna Jackson

Chandler Vulu


Project title: Targeting polycomb prepressive complex 2 (PCR2) in IDH1 mutant glioma

Supervisors: Dr Dean Singleton

Elizabeth Cooper

BSc (Hons)

Project title: Development of novel near infra-red emitting dye-drug conjugate for treatment of glioblastoma

Supervisors: Dr Jiney Jose, Dr Peter Choi and Dr Thomas Park

Emily Liu


Project title: Investigating tissue penetration and bystander effect of the hypoxia-targeted anti-cancer drug SN36506

Supervisors: Dr Kevin Hicks and Dr Victoria Jackson-Patel

Grace Chen


Project title: Chemical characterisation and bioactivity assessment of New Zealand native fungus Hericium coralloides

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Siew-Young Quek and Dr Karen Bishop

Hanting Yong


Project title: Identification of genes that confer tolerance to tumour microenvironmental stress using CRISPR-Cas9 screens

Supervisors: Dr Tet-Woo Lee

Melissa Liu

BSc (Hons)

Project title: The effect of IDO on macrophage polarisation

Supervisors: Prof Lai-Ming Ching and Dr Kimi Henare 

Nour Ghamri


Project title: Predictive biomarkers of sensitivity to a novel class of anti-cancer drugs

Supervisors: Dr Frederik Pruijn 

Pipat Tangjaidee


Project title: Organic selenium compounds as potential chemotherapeutic agents for improved cancer treatment

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Siew-Young Quek and Dr Yongchuan Gu

Rebecca Rinemhota BSc (Hons)

Project title: Evasion of the immune system by cancer through IDO1 overexpression

Supervisors: Prof Lai-Ming Ching and Dr Petr Tomek

Regan Fu


Project title: Banishing tumour hypoxia to restore immunotherapy responsiveness

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Adam Patterson

Richard Yu


Project title: Structure-activity relationships for novel inhibitors of DNA-dependent protein kinase

Supervisors: Assoc Prof Michael Hay and Dr Benjamin Dickson

Rossella Capochiani de Iudicibus


Project title: Targeting tryptophan dioxygenases to overturn immunosuppression in cancer

Supervisors: Prof Lai-Ming Ching and Dr Petr Tomek

Tessa Hunt

BSc (Hons)  

Project title: Comparing tissue diffusion of the therapeutic antibodies Herceptin & Cetuximab and the antibody-drug conjugate Kadcyla

Supervisors: Dr Frederik Pruijn and Dr Moana Tercel

Wouter van Leeuwen


Project title: Targeting hypoxia in pancreatic cancer with a novel prodrug

Supervisors: Dr Frederik Pruijn and Dr Moana Tercel