Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre

Tumour vascular directed therapy



The drug DMXAA (ASA404) was developed in the ACSRC and we have previously shown that it has effects on both inflammatory cells and on tumour blood flow. DMXAA is currently in Phase III clinical trial and it is evident that its clinical activity is observed in combination with cytotoxic drugs rather than in response to the drug alone. We are investigating the basis for this. 

The main focus for our current research is the ceramide pathway; ceramide is synthesised in the endoplasmic reticulum and transferred to the Golgi, where it is converted into sphingomyelin, eventually becoming part of the plasma membrane. We have found that DMXAA, as well as cytotoxic drugs used in clinical combination therapy with DMXAA, increase the cellular concentrations of ceramide. Since ceramide initiates a wide variety of signalling responses we are investigating how it might act on inflammatory cells, and on the cells lining tumour blood vessels and on the tumour cells themselves.

Selected recent publications

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