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Our research warriors at the ACSRC are fighting to conquer cancer, one of the biggest killers in New Zealand. 

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Experimental Therapeutics Group

Exploiting the tumour microenvironment to improve cancer targeting and therapy.

Extravascular transport of anticancer agents
Professor Bill Wilson and Dr Kevin Hicks

SN 30000 and related tirapazamine analogues as hypoxia-selective anticancer drugs

SN 30000 and related tirapazamine analogues as hypoxia-selective anticancer drugs
Professor Bill Wilson, Dr Kevin Hicks and Dr Jingli Wang

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Medicinal Chemistry Group

Design, synthesis and development of new drugs for the treatment of cancer, tuberculosis and immunosuppression.


Development of novel tuberculosis drugs
Associate Professor Brian Palmer


Free Radical Research (FRR) Group
Associate Professor Bob Anderson


Molecular Modelling
Dr Jack Flannagan


Perforin Inhibitors
Dr Julie Spicer


Selective Inhibitors of Phoso-inositide 3-Kinases
Professor Bill Denny, Associate Professor Gordon Rewcastle and Dr Jackie Kendall


Targeting hypoxia and HIF-1
Associate Professor Mike Hay

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Tumour Biology Group

Project Leader: Professor Bruce Baguley

The development of topoisomerase inhibitors and determination of their mechanism of action, analysing the effect drugs have on the cell cycle, and the investigation of resistance mechanisms.

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Cancer Clinical Pharmacology Group