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What is a multiplex assay?

Multiplex assays simultaneously assay multiple biomarkers (secreted proteins) or signal transduction modifications within a single sample. Antibodies are most often used in a sandwich immunoassay fashion and are immobilized on chips as "planar arrays" or conjugated to micro beads as "suspension arrays" (e.g., Beadlyte assays).

Advantages of the Luminex xMAP bead array platform

  • Simultaneously measure multiple analytes in a single well (typically 3 to 30 analytes)
  • Requires low sample volume (<50 μl)
  • High sensitivity (<1 pg/ml)
  • Fast, reproducible, quantifiable results

Excellent tool for monitoring several markers across a large sample population (e.g., clinical trial).

User charges

$50 per 96-well plate + technician hours.

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