Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre

Our vision

The vision of the Auckland Cancer Society Research Centre (ACSRC) is to improve outcomes in cancer therapy.

Our mission:

  • To conduct and publish international-quality research on the discovery/development of new drugs for cancer therapy.
  • To facilitate translation of new drugs to the clinic by protecting intellectual property and fostering clinical and commercial links.
  • To improve outcomes for cancer patients in New Zealand and globally.
  • To train future cancer researchers and health professionals through graduate student supervision and teaching.

This mission is supported by our values, which include:

  • Maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards, celebrating diversity and creating a supportive environment in which our staff and students can maximise their potential.
  • Encouraging innovation and fostering interaction between a broad range of disciplines including chemistry, molecular biology/biochemistry, cellular biology, pharmacology and oncology.
  • Placing a high value on timely dissemination of results through peer-reviewed publication, and open and responsible communication with the media.

As genomics (the study of genes and their regulation) and proteomics (the study of protein structure and function) begins to dominate drug design, the ACSRC is moving to meet this challenge with novel approaches to drug development.