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Molecular Neuroanatomy Lab - welcome


Professor Louise Nicholson is the principal investigator of the Molecular Neuroanatomy Laboratory and heads a research team comprised of Research Fellows, PhD, MSc and BSc(Honours) students.

The research programme embraces a number of broad projects investigating the role of specific receptors in patterning and development, and in the maintenance and modulation of specific cell types important in diseases of the adult central nervous system.

We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that regulate the processes underlying neuroinflammation, including receptor-mediated and channel-regulated processes. This includes the role of the receptor RAGE and its ligands in age-related neurological disorders, and connexins in legion spread and neuroinflammation and in particular, epilepsy and spinal cord injury and repair.

This is a vibrant 'team' of capable and enthusiastic researchers who are contributing significantly to our knowledge and understanding of the processes underlying neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.

Our goal is to make a real difference to the lives of those suffering from neurological disorders, through the translation of our research findings into clinical practice.

Principal investigator