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Current cardiac imaging projects

The Cardiac Atlas Project

This project aims to establish a structural and functional atlas of the heart. This project is dedicated to combine cardiac modeling and biophysical analysis methods with a structural database for the comprehensive mapping of heart structure and function. We have collected more than 2,500 de-identified cardiac patients along with their corresponding 3D finite element models. Researchers can therefore apply to access the cardiac data for specific research projects and clinicians are encouraged to contribute new cases. This study has been funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, USA (R01HL087773).

The Cardiac Atlas Project Homepage

Cardiac Exercise Stress Testing using MRI

This study aims to develop an MRI exercise stress examination for heart disease. An MRI compatible ergometer has been improved and fast imaging methods have been developed to quantify aortic stiffness and heart pump function during exercise. This study has been funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand (09/173).

Sleep Apnea (SAVE) Cardiac MRI Sub-study

This study aims to evaluate the effect of the ‘Continuous Positive Airways Pressure’ (CPAP) device on the heart and blood vessels using MRI. The information gained will assist the researchers in better understanding the effect of CPAP treatment on the heart and blood vessels. This study is funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand.

Cardiac Mechanics

This study aims to estimate the mechanical properties of the heart from clinical imaging data. Finite element models are customized to the geometry of the heart and the muscle architecture is characterized with smoothly continuous fibre and sheet fields. Heart stiffness and contractility is estimated by finding the material paramters which best fit the imaged motion. This project is performed in collaboration with Professor Martyn Nash and Vicky Wang of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute