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Cardiac Image Modeller (CIM)

CIM is a software package written to facilitate the clinical analysis of cardiac MR images. It has the ability to read DICOM format images from a number of scanner manufacturers and to render the images as slices in 3D space (registered to one another). Mathematical models of the left ventricle can be constructed and the result rendered in 3D with the original images. See the Photo Gallery for some examples. The program is written in C and C++ making use of the OpenInventor API for graphical display. Programming kudos to Warren Hedley and Kevin Augenstein. This program is evolving rapidly to meet the demands of analysis the very large data sets (about 200 Mb of image data per patient) involved.

See the Photo Gallery

Cardiac MR Atlas

Originally constructed and recently updated by the Auckland MRI Research Group, this educational resource has been the number one Google hit for "Cardiac MRI" for the last five years.