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Julianna Szymus 2

Julianna Szymus BScKin, BEd, MSc

Doctoral Candidate – Doctor of Philosophy

My teaching experience includes secondary science and mathematics, and postsecondary anatomy. For my Master’s thesis, I developed an online medical education resource that allowed medical students to practice using surface anatomy in clinical scenarios. I look forward to working with students, in the classroom and laboratory, to investigate and develop a deeper understanding of anatomy.

From a research perspective, I am particularly interested in paediatric surface anatomy. Recently, the surface anatomy of adults has been revisited and redefined, however, there is very little known about the paediatric population.  I plan to use modern imaging techniques (CT-scan, MRI, ultrasound), as well as 3-D digitization, to accurately define surface landmarks in children.

Hyun picture (2)

Hyun Kim 

Doctoral Candidate 

My PhD research is about investigating the effect of extensive exercises on the knee complex by using a three-dimensional finite element model combined with MRI and E12 plastinated slices of cadaveric specimens.

Greg Tarr Oct

Dr Greg Tarr

Radiology Registrar, Auckland Hospital, Auckland

Investigating the surface marking of the central venous structure in children


Hemanth Subramaniam Oct

Dr Hemanth Subramaniam 

Radiology Registrar, Auckland Hospital, Auckland

Investigating the surgical and radiologic important abdominal landmarks in children

Christine Koch

Dr Christine Koch

Radiology Registrar, Auckland Hospital, Auckland

 Investigating the position of DJ flexure in normal children

Greg Selkirk

Dr Greg Selkirk

Radiology Registrar, Auckland Hospital, Auckland  

Investigating the position of sciatic nerve in children

Dr Debbie Yeh

Radiology Registrar, Auckland Hospital, Auckland)

Investigating the position of DJ flexure in children with intestinal malrotation

Dr Christopher Tregonning

Radiology Registrar, Auckland  City Hospital

 A Review of pelviureteric junction obstruction requiring surgical intervention in paediatric patients at Starship Childrens Hospital.