Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Submitting your proposal to the Tumuaki

Kia āta haere (proceed with understanding…)

Are you ready to submit your proposal to the Office of the Tumuaki?

1. We recommend in the first instance that all researchers read the following article:

Reid, P., Paine, S. J., Curtis, E., Jones, R., Anderson, A., Willing, E., & Harwood, M. (2017). Achieving health equity in Aotearoa: strengthening responsiveness to Māori in health research. The New Zealand Medical Journal130(1465), 96-103.

Responsiveness to Māori
(527.5 kB, PDF)

2. Check information on the FMHS Staff intranet Research Gateway   

Requirements for submission of applications for review by the R2M team:

Ethics applications

When sending in your application please supply:

  1. Copy of full ethics application including any consents, information sheets and interview schedules
  2. Study protocol (if applicable)
  3. Ethics committee
  4. Intended date of submission (ethics committee and funding)

Funding applications

  1. Full application and all relevant information including principal and named investigators
  2. Study protocol (if appropriate)
  3. Potential funding agency
  4. Timeframe

You must allow three weeks (15 working days) for review and discussion.

Please send all applications to R2M@auckland.ac.nz