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PGSA grants

FMHS-PGSA Travel Grants

Who may apply?

Applicants must be postgraduate students (Honours, Masters or PhD) enrolled in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

While all FMHS postgraduate students who are presenting a paper or poster on their research at a conference are invited to apply, priority will be given to students who:

  • Have not previously received a travel grant from the association
  • Are in the later stages of their degree
  • Are not currently supported by a scholarship or other funding sources that also provides for conference costs

Grants will be awarded retrospectively for conferences that have occurred within 6 months of the grant round deadline (this includes any applicant who has been to a conference in between the last and upcoming grant round).

This travel grant is also applicable to those who wish to visit a laboratory, in which case a confirmation/invitation letter from the host lab is required. Value of travel grants:

  • For successful applicants attending overseas functions: up to $500
  • For successful applicants attending functions within NZ and AUST: up to $250

Judging criteria

Applications received will be judged on scores of: financial need for the FMHS-PGSA Travel Grant, providing a clear statement on the purpose of the trip and the associated benefits, providing all the required supporting documents (e.g. letter of invitation to a laboratory, receipts and quotes for expenses and PReSS account statement), whether the applicant has previously received a FMHS-PGSA Travel Grant and declaration of PReSS account and any other source of funding. 

Applicants who do not yet have supporting documents for their travels are encouraged to apply retrospectively in the next funding round as they are less likely to be awarded a high score.

In special circumstances where an applicant has produced exceptional work and has proven that they will benefit largely from the FMHS-PGSA Travel grant, applicants who have previously received a FMHS-PGSA Travel grant may be considered. 

Note: PReSS Account Statements should be attached as a supporting document for your application and can be found under Finances in Student Services Online.


How to apply

Applications should be made on the application form in the link provided below.

Round 1 opens: Wednesday 29 April 2020, 9am

Round 1 deadline: Wednesday 13 May 2020, 5pm

Apply here


Registered to travel yet?

All FMHS students are required to register any University related overseas travel using the Online Student Travel Register. Information about this can be found at the Travelling overseas for University activities page.


FMHS-PGSA Thesis Binding Grants

Applicants must be postgraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. You must provide the official GST receipt from the binders! Eftpos printout/bank balance receipts will not be accepted.

Successful applicants will receive $50 maximum towards their thesis binding costs.

Please note that on attachment of your thesis binding receipt, payments will be made retrospectively but only within 3 months of the receipt date.

Application procedure:

  • Applications are submitted through email only, hard copies will not be accepted.
  • Clearly mention "FMHS Thesis Binding Grant Application - (First and last name)" in the subject line of the email.
  • Attach a scanned copy of the receipt from the binders.
  • Supervisors may be contacted for verification.
  • In all disputes, the decision of FMHS-PGSA is final.
  • Email completed applications with receipts to: FMHS-PGSA Grants Officer - pgsagrants@auckland.ac.nz

Priority will be given to:

  • Students who are not receiving financial support from their department for thesis binding cost
  • Students who are not financially supported by a scholarship
  • Masters and Honours students ahead of PreSS-account funded PhD students. If PreSS account funding is not available, we will consider PhD student applications

For more information please contact our Grants Officer:

Yosra Agban
FMHS-PGSA Grants Officer