Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Postgraduate Students' Association

The FMHS-PGSA hosts many exciting events in the coming year – both academic and social – and you are invited to be a part of them all. If you would like to have some input in postgraduate student affairs, consider joining our committee.


The aims of the Association are to:

  • Provide a means of communication between FMHS postgraduate students and the administration of the University of Auckland by ensuring postgraduate student representation on Faculty committees where appropriate.
  • Actively assist in developing a postgraduate culture and community at the FMHS by organizing social and other activities.
  • Publicise and promote FMHS postgraduate students’ achievements within the University of Auckland and to the community at large, for example, HealtheX and financial assistance in conference travel.


  • Provides financial assistance to students for thesis binding and travel grants.
  • Enhances academic knowledge through seasonal morning tea events.
  • Hosts postgraduate student morning teas.
  • Hosts monthly social events to encourage a sense of community within the FMHS postgraduate students.

For more information please visit:

Looking for new representatives

  • FMHS-PGSA is currently recruiting new committee representatives from all departments/schools. It involves helping with the organisation of social events, deciding on grant recipients and generally making the postgraduate student life at FMHS a more pleasant experience. We have regular monthly meetings where you get to meet new people and learn new skills.
  • What you can help with? Check out the different positions within the committee.
  • Interested in joining us? Feel free to contact the FMHS-PGSA President at fmhspgsa@auckland.ac.nz