Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Supporting your teaching

How we support teaching

We support teaching a number of different ways:

  1. We accept project expressions of interest (EOIs)  for technology enhanced/enabled learning projects;
  2. We provide support for customised / tailored technology solutions to teaching and learning challenges;
  3. We provide one on one support for staff who want to make use of technologies in their teaching.
  4. We provide process support for technology focussed teaching improvement grants / research grants;
  5. We collaborate with staff who want to conduct research into their teaching / student learning (scholarship of teaching and learning).

Project Expressions of Interest

The Learning Technology Unit accepts project expressions of interest (EOIs) for technology enhanced/enabled learning. The submission process consists of filling in an expression of interest form and submitting it to the Learning Technology Unit. A submission of interest form provides the Learning Technology Unit with details of the flexible or distance learning project that you wish to start.

Submit a project

Should you have any questions regarding the annual project round please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tailored solutions

Sometimes your teaching need requires a customised solution. For example, you might want to find a way to deliver case based learning to students. Alternatively you might be looking for a way to deliver clinical skills videos online. Whatever your particular needs we are here to help you. In most cases we have the requisite expertise to deliver the solution that you need. If not, we can work with you to find a third party capable of meeting your needs.

Individualised support

We provide individualised support for lecturers who want to use technologies in their teaching. Our support is oriented to assisting FMHS members to develop the skills and knowledge to become competent and effective users of learning technology. We are happy to provide one-one advice or work with small groups of staff, but our focus is on building capacity across the Faculty.

If you would like one on one support you can contact us and we can come to your office or you can visit the LTU office, located adjacent to the School of Pharmacy (Level 3 Building 505) on Grafton campus.

Teaching grants

Support is available to improve and enhance teaching through initiatives through Ako Aotearoa and the University's Teaching Improvement Grants. We have supported a number of academics in writing technology focussed teaching improvement grants and would be very happy to advise / collaborate with you if you have a teaching improvement grant in mind.

Research collaborations

Scholarship of teaching and learning invovlves the systematic investigation of teaching and learning practices in order to improve teaching / enhance the student learning experience. We are research active in our own right whilst also collaborating with academic staff on teaching scholarship projects. If you have a project in mind please get in touch with us.