Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Our research

We are research active and engaged in teaching scholarship and health related research projects. Our teaching scholarship includes:

  • Longitudinal research projects evaluating, for example, the impact of learning designs upon teaching and student learning;
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning research, using social research methods (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods); and
  • Action research projects evalauting the impact of a particular innovation for the purposes of describing, explaining and improving upon the innovation.

Our health related research projects are related to HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. as well as a result of being asked to contribute to funded research in psychological medicine. Examples in this area include provision of computer based cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent depression and provision of mobile phone based cognitive behavioural therapy for adolescent depression.

Current projects

  1. #Queer #HIV: The Personal Pedagogies Of Queer Young Men in À„otearoa New Zealand in the Online Age 
  2. The curricular and technological nexus: a pilot study of e-portfolio implementation 

Research summaries