Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Learning Technology Unit


Who are we?

We support the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences with their teaching and learning needs by working with staff to build pedagogical understanding and knowledge and develop their ability to use technologies to enhance teaching and learning. We provide research based support and work to enable staff to make appropriate choices in using technologies that will improve teaching and learning experiences. To this end, we work in terms of a distributed learning model that makes use of a variety of delivery formats and mediums - print, digital, online, and traditional face to face delivery methods that help students to learn.

What drives us?

We are driven by the philosophy of being learning led and technology enabled. This means that we emphasise good teaching and learning practices and we encourage use of technologies only when they will enhance teaching and learning. We are active in research with a focus on evaluating and improving learning designs for flexible and distance teaching.

  • How we have helped

    Have a look at some of the ways we have assisted staff recently.

  • Supporting your teaching

    We take a professional development approach to supporting your use of technologies in your teaching.

  • Our teaching

    We teach on the masters of clinical education and offer a number of seminars and workshops.

  • Online resources

    We provide online resources supporting staff to make the best use of technologies in their teaching and learning.

  • Our research

    Our research is focused on enhancing teaching, professional development and health innovation.

  • Our people

    Our team has expertise in educational design and development of courses and resources.

  • Contact us

    Our contact details and physical address.