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The New Zealand population is ageing. Those aged 85+ are in the fastest growing population segment. The New Zealand government is aware of the imminent burden on the health care services if appropriate actions are not taken and the Ministry of Health has identified improving the health of older people as one of the five high-level priorities and is committed to working toward a health system that supports New Zealanders to live longer, healthier and more independent lives.


The Minsitry of Health aspires to achieve this without a significant increase in health spending. The Performance Improve Framework for the Ministry of Health identifies that there is no updated information enabling delivery of priorities. Reports utilising comprehensive data collected by LiLACS NZ will provide evidence based information enabling the Ministry of Health to deliver the following priorities: bringing health services closer to home; improving the health and independence of older people; improving value for money; and implementing Whānau Ora.


The policy context is the setting for ongoing work. The Māori Health Action Plan Whakatātaka Taurua aims to implement the He Korowai Oranga, Māori Health Strategy which aims to achieve Māori health improvement and reduce disparities in health. It has four pathways including developing communities, increasing Māori participation in health and disability sectors, creating effective services, and working across sectors. The LiLACS NZ reports will contribute significantly to all four pathways by providing relevant and specific information about Māori health in ageing.


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To ensure that LiLACS NZ can maintain a high standard of research, continue to support students, and to disseminate information to our participants and communities we have established a donations box. If you wish to support LiLACS NZ to enable us to continue our work serving the needs of older people please click on the link below to donate.


Past and present sponsors

Waves 1-3

Health Research Council of New Zealand and Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga

Waves 4-6 (current)

The Ministry of Health


Other funders

Oakley Mental Health Foundation - project grant to assist with examination of blood analyses related dementia
National Heart Foundation – project grant to assist with examination of cardiovascular risk and blood analyses related to cardiovascular disease

Rotorua Energy Trust – support for dissemination in the Rotorua region

Faculty of Medical and  Health Sciences – support for summer studentships and travel to conferences for dissemination

Auckland Medical Research Foundation  - project grant for examination of Vitamin D and outcomes related to Vitamin D.