Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

HealtheX 2013

Oral presentation - Doctoral category

  • First Place: Lucy Goodman

Department: Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Johanna Montgomery
Project: Super resolution imaging of hippocampal Synapses

  • Runner Up: Susann Beier

Department: Auckland MRI Research Group
Supervisor: Dr Brett Cowan
Project: Ex-vivo stented coronary artery hemodynamics using 4D flow measurements and computational flow dynamics (CFD)

  • Runner Up: Michelle Munro

Department: Physiology
Supervisor: Associate Professor Christian Soeller
Project: T-tubule and junctional protein organisation in JPH2 transgenic mice

Oral presentation - Non-doctoral category

  • First Place: Nathanael Lucas

Department: Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Supervisor: Associate Professor Andrew Shelling
Project: New Zealand university students’ knowledge of fertility decline in woman via natural pregnancy and IVF

  • Runner Up: Kate Dowson

Department: Health Systems
Supervisor: Dr Tim Tenbensel
Project: Subsidisation of after-hours care for children under 6: effects of primary care services

  • Runner Up: Danielle Lee

Department: Physiology
Supervisor: Professor Janusz Lipski
Project: The acute effect of the parkinsonian toxin MPTP on nigral dopaminergic neurons

Poster presentation

  • First Place: Sarbjot Kaur

Department: Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Marie Ward
Project: The contribution of the extracellular matrix to intracellular calcium handling in rat cardiac trabeculae

  • Runner Up: Tania Fowke

Department: Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Justin Dean

Project: Hyaluronan and perineuronal nets in neuronal development

  • Runner Up: Shelly Lin

Department: Physiology
Supervisor: Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic

Project: The role of P2 receptor signalling in hair cell survival under stress

AMRF Emerging Researcher Award

  • Congratulations to Lucy Goodman, winner of the Doctoral Biomedical Science Oral Presentation category, for receiving the AMRF Emerging Researcher Award which grants $5,000 towards travel to share her research with the wider scientific community.

Exposure participants

Congratulations to the following top participants who have the opportunity to compete at Exposure.

Oral presentation



Lucy Goodman

Dr Johanna Montgomery

Kate Dowson

Dr Tim Tenbensel

Danielle Lee

Professor  Janusz Lipski

Susann Beier

Dr Brett Cowan

Michelle Munro

Associate Professor Christian Soeller

Mohanraj Krishnan

Associate Professor Andrew Shelling

Antonia Verstappen

Dr Tim Tenbensel

Ankita Umapathy

Dr Julie Lim

Ana-Mishel Spiroski

Associate Professor Frank Bloomfield

Sandy Lin

Professor Jillian Cornish

Catherine Han

Associate Professor Mark McKeage

Chi Hsiu-Juei (Ben) Kao

Professor Lynnette Ferguson

Rachael Robson

Professor Laura Bennet

Lily Yu-Li Chang

Dr Monica Acosta

Denis Simonov

Dr Anthony Phillips

Thin Myat Khine

Dr Sherly Parackal

Elizabeth Hammond

Dr Lynsey Cree

Tracey-Lee Dalton

Professor Matthew Parsons

Tiffany Eng

Dr Stephen Jamieson

Nichola Wilson

Associate Professor Sue (Ngaire) Stott

Poster presentation



Sarbjot Kaur

Dr Marie Ward

Jiamei Jing

Dr Michelle Honey

Ching-Yu (Shelly) Lin

Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic

Carol Greene

Dr Shaheen Shah

Emma Horsfield

Associate Professor Janie Sheridan

Sheena Gow

Associate Professor Robyn Dixon

Tzu-Ying Yu

Associate Professor Robert Jacobs

Victoria Low

Dr Maurice Curtis

Pavani Wijewardene

Dr Lynsey Cree

Jia Wei

Dr Larry Chamley

Kathryn Burns

Dr Nuala Helsby

Isabella Cheung

Professor Charles McGhee

Wei-Tzu (Angel) Chang

Associate Professor Andrew Shelling

Vandre Figueiredo

Professor David Cameron-Smith

Hao Chang

Dr Srdjan Vlajkovic

Kyle De Rozario

Associate Professor Andrew Shelling