Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

Hikitia Te Ora-Certificate in Health Sciences (CertHSc)

120 points

Applications close 8 December

Duration: One year (two semesters)

What is the Certificate in Health Sciences?

The CertHSc is a one-year foundation programme aimed at bridging Māori and Pacific students from secondary school study or from the community into programmes offered by the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

The CertHSc is an ideal programme for students who may have:

  • "gaps" in their science knowledge from secondary school (i.e. have only 2 out of 3 core science subjects)
  • not achieved the rank score required for direct entry into bachelor programmes offered by the faculty
  • not achieved the level of credits in specific subjects required for direct entry into bachelor programmes offered by FMHS 
  • community/work experience and motivation that will make their success within a foundation programme possible

The overall objective of the CertHSc is to increase the number of Māori and Pacific students completing courses in healthcare and health sciences so that they will eventually enter the workforce as successful health professionals.

In order to achieve this vision, the CertHSc focuses all course content on preparing students for success in year one of programmes offered within the faculty. These include: 

Structure of the Certificate in Health Sciences

The CertHSc programme consists of two full-time semesters of study. Students are required to pass courses with a total value of 120 points, ie, eight 15 point courses.

A range of topics are covered from the digestive, nervous and reproductive systems of mammals, to chemistry and physics for medicine, psychology, sociology and the patterns of disease within communities.

Lectures and tutorials provide guided and self-directed learning while laboratory sessions encourage teamwork, observation skills and a familiarity with technical equipment. Assessment is made through coursework such as assignments, projects, practical tests and final exams at the end of each semester. Lectures and tutorials are held at the Tamaki, Grafton and City Campuses of the University of Auckland.

Students should note that the certificate does not guarantee entry into health training programmes, but does provide individuals with the opportunity to develop competence and confidence in university subjects relevant to careers in healthcare.

CertHSc eligibility

You are eligible for the CertHSc if you meet MAPAS eligibility i.e. you have verified indigenous New Zealand Māori or Pacific whakapapa/ancestry and are a citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand. CertHSc and MAPAS eligibility and ancestry verification is approved upon receipt of a completed MH04 form available online.

CertHSc Programmes

For additional information on this programme, click here.

Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme

Contact information

CertHSc Administrator
Certificate in Health Sciences
Ph: 09 373 7599 x 84641
Fax: 09 303 5947
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