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POPLHLTH 306 - Health Promotion 2

15 Points

Semester 2



Builds on the theory and practice in POPLHLTH 203 and examines in depth the relationship between economic and political processes and health status. The course also looks at the most effective strategies to put health promotion theory into practice. Mixed in with this will be an in-depth introduction to some of the emerging issues in health promotion and a look at some of the specific areas of health promotion practice.


Prerequisite: POPLHLTH 203


This course builds on the work of POPLHLTH 203 (Health Promotion). It introduces health promotion from a political and global perspective, further explores determinants of health and examines the strategies used by health promoters from a practitioner perspective.  

Key course objectives

This course provides insight into leading edge health promotion practice and theory.

By the end of the course, each participant will be expected to have an appreciation of: 

  • The Bangkok Charter and the relevance of the global context to New Zealand health promotion practice 

  • How the current state of health and wellbeing in New Zealand occurred – recent economic and political history - and why this is relevant to health promotion practice

  • How to have input into the government policy making process

  • Critical determinant issues in health promotion practice

  • A more in-depth understanding of strategies used in health promotion practice, including from a practitioner perspective  

  • How to evaluate and interrogate the evidence that is presented in a variety of settings and how to use evidence to support your work

Lecture Schedule





Introduction to Health Promotion II 

A brief history of the current political situation in New Zealand – how we got to where we are today

Changes to health policies – 1980 – 1990s – 2000s How policy is made in the New Zealand political system 




Health promotion from a Māori perspective – how do we move forward?

Healthy Public Policy - what policy development looks like in practice

Advocacy as a health promotion strategy

Working with the media – a health promotion perspective

Community development - putting the theories into action

Working with the food industry - voluntary agreements



Globalisation one - Bangkok Charter 

Globalisation two - Implications for practice

Health Promotion from a human rights perspective: Ethical dilemmas in health promotion



Gender as a determinant of health - women

Gender as a determinant of health – men

Discrimination and racism as a determinant of health 



Government propaganda and PR – how do evaluate evidence and information? Evaluating evidence – who do we believe?

Course assessment

  • Term test                                         20%

  • Written assignment - submission         20%

  • Reading comprehension assignment    10% 

  • Report                                              20%

  • Examination                                      30%

Readings or recommended textbooks

Texts and required set readings are kept on short loan in the Library. Books and readings not available at the library are available online, on Canvas or in the course handbook.

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