Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences


Grassroots is a not for profit, student regional/rural health club, with a mandate to raise awareness and interest in the educational, career and lifestyle opportunities outside large urban areas. Membership is free and open to any health student at the University of Auckland - medical, nursing, pharmacy, or optometry.

Grassroots is all about having fun, making some friends, and learning a thing or two along the way about what it takes to be a regional/rural health practitioner.

If you are an Overlapping Year One regional rural origin student and want some tips on surviving in the big smoke send us an email and a Grassroots executive member will get in touch with you.

Visit our website or feel free to contact us for more information.


Grassroots and Regional Rural Admission Scheme entry

Regional Rural Admission Scheme entry representatives

Regional/Rural Admission Scheme representatives on the Grassroots executive advocate for regional/rural origin students.


Regional Rural learning opportunities

Grassroots has been heavily involved with the development of further rural learning opportunities. Since 2008, twenty fifth year medical students spend their entire year in Whangarei and surrounding hospitals on Pūkawakawa, the Northland Regional Rural Medical Programme.

We are also working to increase the amount of time that can be spent in rural areas during medical training and provide a number of Regional/Rural Selective Scholarships to aid students who do their fifth year selective in a regional/rural area.

Educational events

Grassroots provides free educational events to anyone interested in rural health, with information on regional/rural health careers, skills workshops (eg, suturing, plastering) and weekends, and funded conference attendance.

Social events

Grassroots provides many social and sporting events such as the pool competition, toga and cocktail parties and the city vs. country sporting tri series.  Also, there is a welcome BBQ before University starts, and other social gatherings throughout the year just for students who are under the scheme to meet up and get to know each other and the Grassroots crew.