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Master of Health Sciences in Addiction and Mental Health

The Master of Health Sciences in Addiction and Mental Health is a 240 point programme developed in recognition of the need for an advanced postgraduate qualification for health professionals who are moving into leadership roles in this area.

Completion of the programme will enable graduates to achieve accreditation with DAPAANZ (Drug and Alcohol Practitioners Association of Aotearoa – New Zealand). Graduates of this programme are expected to be in demand from a variety of employers, including Community Alcohol and Drug Services and mental health services delivered through DHB’s as well as a number of NGO’s that deliver addiction programmes.


Direct entry to the 240 point specialisation will be open to students with an appropriate undergraduate degree who achieved at least a B average in their stage three courses. Students who don’t meet these criteria may be able to enter an approved Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences and if they achieve a B average in the required 120 points of coursework, may enter a 120 point MHSc in Addiction and Mental Health programme.

Applicants need at least 2 years relevant work experience in a health agency that delivers care to clients with mental health and/or addiction problems.


The programme, which is usually taken part-time, consists of the following courses:

  • POPLHLTH 737 - Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Studies (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 735 - Mental Health development: Theory and Principles (15 Points)

15 Points from:

15 Points from:

  • POPLHLTH 701 - Research Methods in Health (15 Points) or
  • POPLHLTH 767 - Health Services Research Methods (15 Points)

15 Points from:

  • POPLHLTH 736 - Mental Health Promotion (15 Points) or
  • POPLPRAC 765 - Coexisting Problems: Theory and Principles (15 Points)

30 Points from:

  • POPLPRAC 708 - Assessment and Intervention with Addiction (30 Points)
  • POPLPRAC 712 - Project Planning for Lifestyle Change (15 Points)
  • POPLPRAC 765 - Coexisting Problems: Theories and Principles (15 Points)

15 Points from:

  • HLTHMGT 721 - Health Management (15 Points)
  • HLTHMGT 754 - Health Leadership (15 Points)
  • MAORIHTH 701 - Foundations of Māori Health (15 Points)
  • PAEDS 712 - Youth Health Clinical Skills (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 738 - Biology of Addiction (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 739 - Pacific Health (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 753 - Tobacco Control: Principles and Practices (15 Points) (offered in alternate years)
  • POPLHLTH 773 - Pharmacotherapeutic Responses to Addiction (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 774 - Addictive Consumptions and Public Health (15 Points)
  • POPLPRAC 707 - Theory and Skills on Counselling Practice (15 Points)
  • POPLPRAC 712 - Project Planning for Lifestyle Change (15 Points)
  • POPLPRAC 765 - Coexisting problems: Theories and Principles (15 Points)


Important information

Once you start this programme you will need to enrol continuously (each semester) until the programme is finished. If you need to take a break you must apply for a suspension.

This programme has a total enrolment clause of 280 points. This is the maximum number of points you can enrol in (including failed or withdrawn courses) towards this programme.


Detailed information about admission criteria, programme structure and content, and the schedule of courses can be found in the University Calendar regulations for the Master of Health Sciences.

These should also be read in conjunction with the General Regulations - Masters Degrees.

New students, to ensure you enrol on time, please visit our step-by-step guide to applications, admission, and enrolment.

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