Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

POPLPRAC 767 - Dementia Care

30 Points

Not offered in 2020


Course offered by the School of Nursing


A clinically focused course that explores dementia within three specific areas: the brain, the diseases, and the person. It explores theoretical concepts and models of dementia care, and focuses on the partnership of individuals, carers and health professionals in the delivery of dementia care.


The course aims to prepare health practitioners for advanced professional practice in the specialty of dementia care by providing them with an in-depth, researched based knowledge of dementia, including theory, innovative and best practice to improve quality of life across the trajectory of dementia for patients, their families and carers.

It will explore dementia care in New Zealand with the focus on the health continuum across primary care, specialist dementia services and residential care as well person.

The multidisciplinary nature of the care of people with dementia is emphasised throughout the paper.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Explore the neuro-anatomical changes of the brain and the neuro-biological processes involved in memory and cognitive functions
  • Critically review the epidemiology of dementia including prevalence, incidence and risk factors
  • Explore and analyse the different subtypes of dementia and address critical care and service delivery issues
  • Evaluate the current evidence of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment for dementia
  • Develop an advanced understanding of multidisciplinary perspectives about dementia and approaches to dementia care including person-centredness


Course structure and delivery

The course has five study days in a two day and three day study block. Additional course material, links to online resources and communication with the course lecturer are provided through the Canvas website.




Assessment 1 (Written assignment)

2500 words


Assessment 2 (written assignment)

2500 words


Assessment 3 (Written assignment)

4000 words


Asynchronous online discussions

Two topics


Course Coordinator

Clinical Coordinator

Course Administrator