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POPLPRAC 745 - Sports Medicine in Community

15 Points

Not offered in 2019


The role of the doctor and physiotherapist in community settings including: their role in team sports, community sports event medical cover, environmental medicine, exercise for health, exercise physiology and sports psychology.

Goals and learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the issues that relate to the role of the doctor in community settings, including their role in team sports, event management, environmental issues and illnesses that may be experienced by athletes or people who are involved in exercise for sport, recreation or health. Exercise physiology and sport psychology are also covered.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course, the student will be able to:

• Work in a team environment and help with the management of sports events in the community

• Assess, manage and prevent (where possible) environmental illnesses

• Discuss the health benefits of exercise

• Understand the important aspects of exercise physiology and sports psychology

Content outline

Topics covered include:

• The Team Doctor & Bag

• Drugs in Sport

• Event Medical Management

• The Athlete with Disability

• Environmental Medicine

• Exercise for the Community

• Clinical Biomechanics

• Overtraining

• Exercise Physiology

• Physiological Consequences of Aerobic Exercise

• Sports Psychology

• Sports Nutrition

• Injection Technique

• Strapping

Learning and teaching

The course will be completely taught in a distance-teaching format through course webpage/CANVAS.

Learning Resources

POPLPRAC 745 is delivered as an online web course. There are also online library and other resources available.


100% coursework:

  • Assignment 1: 40%
  • Assignment 2: 30%
  • Assignment 3: 10%
  • Canvas discussion: 20%

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